The subject of the project is youth volunteering

It was created by a group of partner schools with extensive experience in this field. Planned volunteering activities for ecology, children, local community and the elderly as well as people at risk of social exclusion will allow us to confront the benefits of voluntary activity with the difficulties young people encounter in the social environment, all in the context of European multiculturalism. Participation in the project, apart from showing profits and difficulties, will also provide the participants with practical skills in dealing with the difficulties encountered.
As a result of the activities, we want to familiarize young people with the idea of volunteering and promote it at the level of schools and partner countries and other European stakeholders. Through the development of empathy and tolerance, we want to teach our pupils to engage in activities for the benefit of the school and local community. Thanks to the participation in the project, young people will have a significant increase in knowledge about volunteering, project participants will be able to undertake voluntary activities in accordance with the law, in a safe and satisfying way for themselves and the beneficiaries. Young people will learn effective ways of working together, sharing skills and responsibility.
An important component of skills will be skills in the field of emotional development.Project participants will learn how to deal with difficult situations such as stress, group resistance, fear of strangers, fear of new tasks. They will learn simple and effective methods of working with a group. Thanks to the project activities among teachers there will be:
increase of knowledge in the field of organizing and conducting volunteering for students, acquisition of knowledge in the field of legal and organizational aspects of volunteering in European countries, acquiring knowledge of the legal aspects of organizing and conducting volunteering in the institution, learning new methods (good practices) of work thanks to contacts with European partners, presentation of own good practices – increase of self-esteem and competence, broadening the range of methods for socially activating mentees and co-workers for voluntary activities, the possibility of using voluntary activities in conducting the educational process, gaining European partners for extending voluntary activities, establishing personal relations with European partners, expanding the offer of internships for students by proposing voluntary activities, increase of interpersonal competences.